I'm not sure how you got here, but now you're trapped! ha-HAH! (clears throat) 
I'm Rose, a super cool freelance writer and social media manager. 
Before I entice you with my professional prowess, let me present to you a valuable tidbit: my two Toy Poodles are trained assassins. 
Oh, you’ve hired me? I see you’re genius level smart! 
I know we’re not quite there yet, so how about some serious stuff? 
I've been involved in all facets of creative writing and social media management for over ten years. My clients varied from HBO to Consumer Reports as well as JustFab and Shoedazzle. To be a successful writer means understanding research is key to providing an excellent product. Also, I'm well versed in various tones including formal, technical, and humorous (so I tell myself). 
So, what are you waiting for?
Get in touch! 

Rose Ramraj 
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